Welcome to our website, created in 2010 by father and son; Wayne and Chris Collier. This site is the home of the Collierhousehold Motorsport team who provide media driven content published by Motorsport fans Chris Collier, Cheryl Closs and Gavin Elliot. The Blog was first launched in early 2011 by Chris as a way to enhance his enjoyment of Motorsport further. From travelling around the UK and overseas, the website has allowed Chris to publish his photography along with detailed race reports of anything with an engine, from bikes to cars and from off-road to offshore.

For the 2012 Motorsport season, the team expanded as Cheryl Closs provided her influence and knowledge of digital media to expand the race reports to include even more photography and videos, taking our content to new audiences with the use of the YouTube channel. The videos unfortunately reduced in recent years due to the increase in photography but we are always willing to create one if required by a team, driver or championship.

As the level of content increased over the years and we have written about more and more championships events, we decided to split the blog up into a number of different categories, to allow for easy navigation around the site. The categories that can be selected are as follows:


BSB Series






International Bike Racing

International Touring Cars


Motocross & Quads

National Bikes

National Touring Champs





Speedway GB & World

Sports Car Racing

Trucks & Pickups

UK National Legends

 In following around 30-40 events in one season, we try to bring as much content as we can to a wide variety of audiences either by the use of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter and since 2014, our Photo Flickr site which grows bigger and bigger each season. The content we publish has something for everyone and we hope it encourages all new/existing Motorsport fans to take a look and get involved.