Welcome to the Collierhousehold website, created in 2010 by Wayne and Chris Collier. This site is the home to the Motorsport Blog, which is currently run by Motorsport fans Chris Collier, Cheryl Closs and Gavin Elliot. The Blog was first designed in early 2011 by Chris as a way to taking his enjoyment of Motorsport further. By travelling around the UK to circuits and watching different forms of the sport, Chris used his photography to help develop race reports over a course of a Motorsport weekend, during the calendar year.

For the 2012 Motorsport calendar, the inclusion of Cheryl Closs in helping to write reports meant the amount of events covered increased and as a result, the website content has doubled in size. The extra help in producing race reports also led to the development of a YouTube page, which was created by Cheryl. The videos that are designed for the page, detail races or parts from different series during a weekend, however some videos showcase multiple series that compete within a package.

With so many types of Motorsport competing in the UK, we at Collierhousehold decided to split up the blogs into categories, making it easier for fans to find the events that suit them, or to easily discover a category which is new to them. Being that there is nearly 20+ events covered throughout a single year, the content shown is a wide variety for fans, either being small ones to larger events. To get an idea of the types of events we cover, please check out ourĀ Photo Flickr site. The content within the blog has something for everyone and we hope it encourages all new/existing Motorsport fans to take a look and get involved.